The Best Ideas for a Seventeen Year Old Girl’s Birthday Party

Top Birthday Party Ideas for a 17-Year-Old Girl

As a father, I am always looking for what to do and what to give my daughters for their birthdays. As they get older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right gift or plan the right outing. While searching the web for the best birthday gifts for a 17-year-old daughter, I came across a number of great ideas for celebrating.

As a teenager, the traditional ‘kiddie’ birthday parties just won’t cut it anymore. These ideas cater to an older crowd while still providing fun for everyone involved. If your child is like mine, then they will want a theme for their party. This will help guests decide what to wear while giving them a hint towards what is to happen at the party. Some great theme ideas for a 17-year-old daughter’s party are Sunflowers, Peacocks, Pink Flamingos, and Cupcakes. If your daughter is a little more adventurous and mature, themes like Survivor, Mardi Gras, Spa Party, and Masquerade can provide some interesting outcomes. If your daughter is more altruistic, then a theme like Charity, or Giving Back might appeal to them.

Regardless of the theme of the party, there are some time testing activities that can be planned that are sure to entertain everyone involved. Scheduling a sleepover or slumber party is always a hit. During the sleepover, games like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, and Minute to Win It Party Games are sure to be a hit.

Another fun concept for the party could be a scavenger hunt. With a scavenger hunt, you can pick from a variety of topics, including but not limited to: A to Z, Informational, All the Same Color, Ultimate Mall Hunt, and Rainbow Scavenger Hunt. Simply create a list of items that the party-goers need to search for, and your all done.

Creating a Mystery Dinner Game is another exciting idea. The party-goers order from a crazy menu where all the items have a name that gives a clue as to what the item actually is. The players won’t know what they ordered until it arrives. This idea takes a little more planning and involves extra helpers to cook and serve the food.

If your daughter is interested in going somewhere for her party, there are a number of party venue ideas available. Bowling is fun and can accommodate a large number of teens at the same time. Food is usually available at these locations as well. Escape Rooms are a fun idea, where a large group of participants works together to solve a mystery in order to escape the ‘locked’ room. Depending on the weather, options like Horseback riding, paintball, a day on the lake, attending a sporting event, or going to a water park are just some of the outdoor choices available.

For a smaller party with just a few attendees, a weekend getaway, hotel party, or special restaurant are fun. These are typically a little more expensive but for a smaller group, reasonable.

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