Top 22 Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister
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Your elder sister was the first child of your parents. So, she gains all the care and focus of her parents. She faced a ton of troubles for bad grades on her report card, but she supports you and says next time you will achieve your goal. Elder sisters are those who experienced all the troubles of life but never wanted, you faced the hardships that she faced. When you are a kid you fight or bullies on the ground. She is always hers for your help. She makes your playground more comfortable and beautiful for you.
When you are at a young age, you need a person as a role model for you. Your elder sister plays an important role in developing your personality. You get the inspiration for your matters from elder sister. Your elder sister helps you to build self-awareness and confidence. She has the one who stands for you in every matter and takes your side in front of parents. Often sometimes she has gone against the parents for you.
The birthday of your elder sister is the best time and day that you express your feelings for her. So, give honor to your sister and tell her how much she has special to you. Tell her that she holds a special place in your heart and life. Send the lovely and perfect birthday wishes to your elder sister to make her day sparkling, memorable and cheery. Here we select some lovely birthday wishes for elder sister; these are the perfect collection of words by which you express you’re heartfelt for your sister.

Best Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

I am so blessed to have such an incredible elder sister. I’ll always admire you!
Today I have the pleasure of watching my dear elder sister turn another year older!
I never could’ve had a better elder sister. Someone who has always been there for me, through good times and bad times. I’ll always be there for you too. I wish you the warmest and happiest of birthdays, big sis!
Happy birthday to the wisest person I know: my beautiful elder sister! Have a super wonderful day, sis! Love you!
You’re the best example of how you should live your life and I am so privileged to have had you by my side growing up. I hope you have the best birthday, big sis!
Happy birthday, sis! You’re not just my elder sister, but my best friend too. I have always looked up to you with so much respect and admiration.
On this day, the most special member of this family was born: my dear big sister! May you have a fantastic day and many more to come!
Happy birthday, big sis! Many nights we stayed up late just sharing our innermost feelings, our deepest thoughts and our most troublesome worries. We made up games and created secret signals that only we knew.
I know you have been through some hard times, but you never gave up. You are my idol and the strongest women I have ever met. You have such a positive approach and attitude. I wish I was more like you, always persevering.
We may fight, argue and annoy each other, but at the end of the day, you are my best friend. Have a fabulous birthday, big sis!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Knock knock. Who’s there? Only me wishing you a fantastic birthday, dear sister!
Life is short, but thankfully I have you by my side. I could not ask for a better sister and partner in crime.
Whew! Another year passed and you are even more beautiful today than ever. Happy birthday to my downright gorgeous sister!
A sister like you is rare and appreciated. I would never replace you in a million years. Happy birthday to the best sister around!
I am so happy that I was able to grow up with such an incredible sister like you! You aren’t just my sister but my best friend! Happy Birthday to you!
Cheers to you, my sweet sister! It’s your special day so let’s celebrate in our own sisterly way! You can raid my closet if I can steal your shoes! Love you lots and lots!
When I need a good laugh I think about how we’re sisters, and how you can’t do anything about that. Happy birthday, sis. Thanks for putting up with me.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

I don’t know what I have done to deserve a sister like you. Thanks for the encouragement when I am down and the words of wisdom when I am up. Happy Birthday!
I always realize that I do not need to be a superhero or a perfect guy when I am with you sister. Thanks for accepting me as I am. Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!
Today my idol was born and that person is none other than my sister. Happy birthday Miss perfect.
It’s so wonderful to know that you’re not only my sist but also my best friend in good and bad times… Have an incredible birthday!
Sis, you have a bigger heart than anyone I know. It’s so big that you love me,I love you for that. Happy birthday!