Ramadan 2024 Calendar Canada: Sehar & Iftar Time

With the advent of Ramadan, the preparation for special prayers and congregations are at peak. One of this special arrangement is the Taraweeh prayer. Although not being an obligation it holds the importance of being a sunnah in the Muslim world. This prayer of Taraweeh is specified for practicing only in the holy month of Ramadan and not throughout the rest of the year. Muslims all over the world have firm believe if they perform Taraweeh with utmost sincerity and devotion and not as a hypocritic act to show off your prayers and religiousness to the world, all their past sins are forgiven. There are many ahadith and narrations too in support of this belief.


The holy month of Ramadan is nearing. Let’s shed light on Taraweeh prayer as it is especially associated with the holy month of Ramadan and cannot be offered in remaining months of the year. The special prayer of Taraweeh, which the Muslims perform in the month of Ramadan specifically. Prophet SAW recommended this prayer and it is maintained as a following of Sunnah. Which means he personally practiced it and what he practiced is an inspiration for Muslims to follow. Although it is not mandatory following it is a way of solace and atonement. Taraweeh is the excessive prayer performed after Isha. Canada being on the lookout for Ramadan provides you with an update on top cities Sehar & Iftar Time.



Aroostook Abbotsford
Brampton Edmonton
Elphinstone North Vancouver
Fort Mackay Mississauga
Lucknow Calgary
Oakville Montreal
Scarborough Sydney Canada
Regina Toronto
Winnipeg Edmonton


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