Happy Labour Day Quotes, Sms, Wishes and Speech 2024

Labor Day celebrates the accomplishments of the labor force, which liberated itself from the repressive methods prevalent in the 19th century. United in their endeavor, they showcased the power of unity, accomplishing the majority of their significant objectives. They remained resolute, refusing to go back to their usual employment until they achieved an increase in their minimum pay and better work environments. The peace and relatively fair wages we enjoy today during this holiday are direct results of the courageous stance against unfair treatment taken by those individuals.

We should always acknowledge this fact that this liberation at the workplace is granted by fellows who work hard and rough. We should give back to the community with the same enthusiasm as we receive it considering it our right. It is not our right but in fact a debt which we need to pay by giving our best and working hard.

Labour Day Quotes

As we move through one day from another we need to stop by and have a look at all that is happening around us. When we look we would be able to appreciate the beauty in peace and harmony. That is present in our lives because many people work relentlessly for the sake of our joy in comfort. As the best of our own self comes out when we contribute towards the service of others therefore before doing any task irrespective of being big or small, pause and think how much humility is this creating in me? How many services to others would I be if I do this? Because self-indulgence is not going to bring you any satisfaction, ease in other peoples lives because of you is what will bring you true solace.

So before enjoying the well deserved day given as off, enjoy our compilation of labor day quotes. Scroll on and appreciate the hard and amazing work that is going on around us.

Child Labour Quotes

Majority of social problems are caused by child labor. However we without giving it any thought carry on through our days. Poverty, illiteracy, population growth also arise through it. Almost a total of two hundred and fifty million children throughout the world suffer from the curse of child labor. Such an issue of this much grave importance is left unaddressed and unnoticed. In the whole world, the government should treat it as a top priority. Education is the basic right of all children, how can we say that we have entered the twenty-first century or generation if we are unable to flourish this basic right to our children our nation and our world?

If we intend on ever breaking this vicious circle of poverty we must invest in feeding our children at school. Sounds simple but is miraculous. As the inevitable bond exists between child labor and poverty, we can never break one without breaking the other.

Stop Child Labour Slogans

Poverty comes with child labor. Child labor comes with poverty. We cannot beat one without giving attention to the other. As the bond is clear to be inevitable if you keep exploiting children as a temporary cure for child labor you will never be able to get rid of this social disease of both poverty and child labor. The perpetuation of the majority of social problems in child labor, either directly or indirectly. Although we consider ourselves quite modern and educated by demolishing slavery we feel pride upon enslaving the childhood of these little growing souls. All these changes and revolutions are in theory. No actual steps are being taken in this regard.

Child labor is an abusive fundamental of all first, second and third world countries. Until and unless we agree on these fundamentals we can never move forward into a promising future of the entire world.

Labour Day Images

Each and every functional organization no matter how big or small are being served ty the curse of child labor. As it is one of the major advantage being served to them that to at the most optimum conditions and costs. No firm or company or shop would pay a fair share to any child in return to the services being performed by it. No child would ever be able to complain to any labor court for the exploitation of its labor. Hence all the legislation in this world is being neglected, which portray or support getting rid of this ‘benefit’.

No sector remains untouched by this disease. No matter how big or small the sector. No matter the dealings in import or export. Every place is getting their benefit out of poor innocent children which is in possession of capable power.

Aware yourself with the danger and hazard of these seemingly harmless aspects in society.



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Labour Day History

Paying tribute to the achievement and contributions to American labor was the main cause of the emergence of the celebration of child labor. It is celebrated at the end of summer. In the late nineteenth century, a labor moment created it. Child labor became a government holiday in 1894. it is celebrated with events of athletes, parties, parades, and get together.

Although it symbolizes achievement and sacrifices of American labor it originated in one of the most dismal chapters of history.

In the late era of the 1800s, when the industrial revolution was at its peak in the US, a twelve hour working for seven days a week was mandatory for an average American to be able to make a very basic living which was pure of any luxuries. Although there were restrictions still kids at the age of five or six worked at mills, mines, and factories. Earning a very small fraction of their deserving wages.

Refugees and immigrants were the worst. All people irrespective of age had to work. Extremely unsafe conditions and unclean and unhygienic sanitation were usual working conditions.

As the manufacturing sector took peak it lodged off the majority of agriculture which was a major source of income to the working class, labor unions gained popularity and grew vocal. They started to protest against poor working conditions, unjust working hours and absurd wage rates.

Many of these incidents happen to transform into vicious violence and as a result, many people and policemen were killed. The first labor day parade took place in US history when ten thousand workers took an unpaid day off and marched on roads of New York in 1882 on September 5th.

Hence the idea of first working men holiday got caught and transformed throughout the years to the present day shape of labor day holiday. However, Congress took twelve years to legalize this holiday.

Labour Day Speech

Public scrutiny remains a very blind eye when it comes to the illness of child labor in society. Child labor attracts business sector not because it simply gets work don’t at an optimum price but also because it brings them a slave of quite submissive nature. Who himself is unaware of the damage being caused to him. The capitalists speculate two things, one that child must be paid as poor as possible, second, there should be no competition in their wages to the wage of any other labor.

In a similar context, all human labor is depressed by child labor. We writers have popularized themes that gradually turned into laws. State of man is improved by addressing such flaws. And not just addressing but also taking actual steps for their betterment by making such crude policies go extinct. Hence keep getting awareness and keep spreading awareness on all such topics. No initiative is big or small. No step is big or small. All that matters is that a step has been taken, that’s about it.

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