Why is The World Fascinated by Italian Football?

If you’ve ever paid even the smallest amount of attention to football then you’ll know that Italians absolutely worship the sport. Italy is football mad – the country has three daily sports newspapers, 24-hour radio stations dedicated entirely to football and a whole host of football TV channels – some even dedicated to one club! It’s fair to say that the Italian love of football is like no other, but why is the rest of the world so fascinated by Italian football?

Italians Are Enthusiastic

To start, enthusiasm is infectious. It doesn’t matter how fed up or bored you are, if someone comes in and is really excited they will light up the room and give you more energy. The same thing happens with Italians and football – when an entire nation is so excited about football it’s impossible not to feel the same way. Italians are raised to feel a huge amount of national pride in the sport; from an outside perspective, the way that Italians revere football as the holy grail of all sport is fascinating in itself before you even think about the game.

Everyone Gets Involved

You don’t have to be a football player to get involved in football in Italy. People often follow the Serie A table results to see how their chosen team is going, and many even get invested in their team doing well by placing a bet. It’s a real social affair with people often gathering with loved ones to watch big games and see which team comes out on top.

Why is The World Fascinated by Italian Football 2

They’re a Talented Bunch

Another reason that the world is so fascinated by Italian football is quite simply that they’re so good at it. Juventus is known for their incredible skill with defending, and the Italian national team is considered to be one of the best national football teams in the world. Italy’s national team have won 48 major European trophies which makes them the second most successful nation in the history of European football. Italian children have been raised to want to be football players – with such pride in the national sport it’s no surprise that it’s produced so many talented players.

With such a wealth of football talent in the country, Italian football games are often very close calls and the victories are hard-fought for. It’s because of this that so many people find the world of Italian football fascinating. Close games are always more exciting to watch – whenever there are two British teams playing that are closely matched in skill the entire country pays attention. If you imagine that almost every game has this level of tension, it’s no wonder that people around the world watch Italian football matches so closely.

It’s Part of Their Culture

Football is just one part of a rich Italian culture – children are raised with a love of food, sport and pride in their heritage. This passion can always be seen at football matches, both in the way the teams play and in how the fans react every time their team scores.

In a world where a lot of football teams are criticised on what feels like a daily basis and several national teams feel like a joke, it’s much more exciting to watch a country whose entire identity is focused on the beautiful game. Several British teams have been underfunded for years and fans now expect them to lose – why watch this when you could have the excitement of not knowing how a game will end up? That’s why the world loves Italian football.

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