How To Build An Eco-Friendly House: 8 Steps To Follow

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a more sustainable way of living. This also applies when they are designing their house. Using materials that won’t be damaging the earth, as well as building a house that can help to save energy is an example of an eco-friendly house design concept. This concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly houses has indeed become very popular.

Use natural material

When you think about the eco-house concept, one thing that comes to your mind must be a house surrounded by lush trees or located inside a rainforest. While in actuality it doesn’t have to be like that. The eco-house concept does not always have to be located surrounded by trees.

If you want to create a house with an eco-friendly concept, there are several strategies that you can do – for example regarding the material that will be used. Utilizing natural materials such as wood, stone, and bamboo not only can help to give your house the “green” vibe – but also help to make your house seem unique.

However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the transportation of this material from the producer’s area to your house. Does it cost a lot of energy when transported? Because if it does, it will reduce the sustainable value which you want to have.

Utilizing energy-friendly technology for your house

You might want to find information on how to be able to get solar panel energy in your house. This is the ultimate way of changing your house to become more sustainable. Not only by utilizing solar panels energy, you might also want to start buying low-watt electric devices for your home appliances. Not only will it help you to be more sustainable, but it can also help you to save some money every month.

Consider using less glass inside the house

Using glass in your house is not prohibited. But to ensure the safety of all, you should choose the right glass material. Make sure you choose glass that has a low heat transfer rate. You should also inform your construction company to avoid installing glass directly in the east and west area – because it can be very hot and disturbing when the sun is set or rise during the day

Provide lots of windows

One of the characteristics of an environmentally friendly house is a house that can regulate cool air inside the house. Having lots of windows in your house will work as a substitute for air conditioners, so your house will stay cool even though you opt to not use any air conditioner.

Ventilation such as windows allows the room to have sufficient artificial lighting such as lamps because during the day there will be enough sunlight to light the house.

Last but not least, having lots of windows can also make the air circulation inside the house very good – and thus it will help to promote healthiness for you and all of the family members.

Minimal partitions or walls

When building or renovating your house with an eco-friendly concept in mind, you should also ask your contractor to build the house with minimal partitions or walls. This will help to keep the house cool enough, so even though you do not install an air conditioner – your house will still be able to provide you with the comfort that you need. In addition, the concept of a room that has minimal partitions or walls will make the space more multifunctional

Use an eco-friendly paint

Nowadays there are a lot of paint manufacturers that also make environmentally friendly products. Or if you want to take a walk on the brave side, you can also do an industrial slash green concept for your house. You do not have to paint the house at all, and just let the exposed walls be.

Avoid dark colors

Using dark colors for your house will not only make it look a bit grime, but it will also make the house feel much hotter. This is due to the fact that dark colors will absorb heat – thus making the area around it even hotter.

Instead of using a dark color, opt for a lighter paint color – such as light green or white. It will make your house feel more inviting, spacy, and airy.

Have a garden

Though you have very minimal land, it will be great if you can still provide a little space in your house to build a small garden. This small garden can help to beautify your house as well as make the air around the house cleaner.

If you reside in Singapore, there are a lot of renovation contractors in Singapore that can help you realize your dream of building an eco-friendly house!

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