How To Improve Your Soccer Skills?

Have your kids decided to enhance their soccer abilities? Kudos on taking the first step towards becoming a soccer parent! Your next move should be getting ready for the significant changes that are about to happen in your life. Being a soccer parent isn’t just any role; it’s one that will soon consume your daily routine. Regardless of whether you fully grasp the concept of 22 players chasing after a single ball, one thing is for sure: your child is going to need a soccer goal in the backyard for practice. A soccer goal is the focal point of the game, where all efforts are aimed, whether to score or to prevent a score. So, no matter what position the coach places your child in, here are the steps to create a soccer goal in your backyard.

How to make a backyard soccer goal?

If you are looking to make a backyard soccer goal on your own, there are quite a few ways you can do it. One way is to make one with PVC pipes. If you have some PVC pipes lying idly in your garage, this can be a great chance to use them. You can make them with things like wood or aluminum pipes as well. But when it comes to cost and convenience. Pvc pipe is going to trump it all for you. Not only are they quite easy to work with, but it also won’t cost you more than 20 or 30 bucks. Best of all, you can get it done in just under an hour or so!

Should you make one or buy it?

Well, You can always opt-in for buying a soccer goal rather than building on your own. The advantage of purchasing a soccer goal is that they are quite easy to set up and likely to save your time required to build one. But they can be quite costly as well. So if you are not sure whether it is just a passing phase for the kid and it’s not likely to stick with him, you can opt-in for building one. It’s always less costly to make a DIY soccer goal. You can check some soccer goals for backyard reviews as well before deciding!

How to make a backyard soccer goal with PVC pipes

Making a soccer goal with PVC pipes is a great way to build a goal in the backyard. Here are the supplies you will need to get it done.

4 or 5 of the PVC pipes of 10 feet in lengths and 1″ in diameter.

Get 6 pieces of 90-Degree PVC Elbow of 1″ diameter

4 PVC Tee of 1″ diameter.

PVC Cement

Hacksaw for cutting the pipes

Deer netting

Zip ties

Tape measure


Marker or sharpies

Step 1

Cut those PVC pipes you have got earlier into 12 pieces of 4 different lengths that we have listed here.

1’ length = 4 pieces

3’ length = 4 pieces

4’ length = 2 pieces

5’ length = 2 pieces

This is all the necessary lengths of the pipes you should be cutting.

Step 2

Now you have to build and dry fit the frame without gluing them together. You will start by building the bottom portion of the goal. Get the pipes you have cut into 3′ length and attach the elbows to them. Set one elbow facing the inside while the other one facing upwards. Now get two 1′ pipes and attach each of them into the elbows facing inwards with the tee’s you have got earlier. Put one tee on each of the 1′ pipes. Get another 3′ pipe and connect these two pieces you are working with, and voila! You have built the bottom portion of your backyard soccer goal.

Step 3

Get those 2 pieces of pipe that are 4′. Attach them on the elbows you have set, pointing upwards on the bottom of the frame. Once you have attached the 4′ pipes, get one elbow on each of them and attach two 1′ pipes. Fit two PVC tees at the end of the 1′ pipes you just put there. You will need those tees to connect with the back. But for now, finish connecting the whole top by putting a 3′ pipe in the middle.

Step 4

As you have finished building the frame and dry fitting it, you need to put PVC cement on the joints. It is necessary to make sure they stay in the place. The goal won’t last long without it. Do keep in mind that making and fitting the frame doesn’t take much time. But this is the step that will require a bit of time. So get the cement and the marker or the sharpie as well. The marker will be helping you to align the pipes in the right direction. Otherwise, the cement will be drying in 4 or 5 seconds. So there won’t be much time to set the pipes properly. Put cement on the end of the pipe and also inside the joints as well. Put about a depth of 1″ on both. Once you have put cement on both, join them together.

Step 5

Now get the tape and measure the back of the soccer goal you have just built. You should measure the sides as well. Once the measuring is done, cut the net according to it. Ideally, you should be leaving a little extra to make sure it doesn’t fall short anywhere. Now start tying the net with zip ties from the bottom and work your way to the up and the sides. You will need about 30 zip ties to cover the whole netting. Get a few extra zip ties if you want to, but you will need a minimum of this many here. Once the tying up is done, cut the excess net, and you are good to go!

Final Words

We tried to explain the whole process as simply we could without leaving any necessary details.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, a backyard soccer goal can be a great way to indoctrinate your kid as well! It’s not too much of a complicated project for the kids, and they will also be quite delighted as this backyard goal is meant for them! Either way, a backyard soccer goal is a great way to bond the entire family.

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