Best Tandem Kayak for Family

Top 3 Best Tandem Kayak for Family

If your holiday destination is a beach, a secluded tropical island, or a cabin beside a lake, one activity you should definitely consider adding to your bucket list is kayaking. Water sports offer a unique departure from the everyday routine, providing a refreshing escape that lets you experience the expansive beauty of the sea, river, or lake.

When vacations on an island resort, you will find activities such as water gliding and jet skiing, which can be expensive. In addition, these extreme water sports require experience. If you are in need a relaxing watersport that only requires you to know how to swim, kayaking should be at the top of your list. If you are travelling with a loves one, you only need a tandem kayak to be able to enjoy some time away from land. You can paddle your through crystal clear waters without having to spend too much money on the gear. It actually helps to bring your own tandem kayak.

If you are looking to invest in the best tandem kayak, any of these three options can be ideal for your vacationing needs.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

This tandem kayak is made from puncture resistant, strong fiber enabling the kayak to endure rough terrain as it drags along to the water source. This also ensures that the kayak can withstand sharp rocks that can cause punctures in other kayaks. Usually, with the Intex Explorer K2 you are assured of the ability to weather strong currents in a river through shallow rocky surfaces without causing damage to the kayak or put your life at risk.

This tandem kayak measures 10ft and 3 inches in length with a depth of 15 inches. This provides average space for sitting. It gives you the much-needed space to move about. It is made for claustrophobic individuals.

Additionally, this kayak can support up to two people with a combined weight of 180kgs. It also comes with an inflatable I-beam floor for better performance in rougher waters and rigidity. It is made with Boston valves as a standard feature common in all tandem kayaks. These allow easy inflation and deflation of the kayak.

A unique feature with this kayak is the removable and adjustable seats that are much more comfortable compared to most seats on tandem kayaks.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak

This tandem kayak can accommodate up to three people per ride. It measures 13.5ft in length and comes fitted with two comfortable and adjustable seats that can be moved around to create room for one more person on board. As a fishing kayak, it comes with three storage compartments where you can keep your equipment or any catch made for the day. It also comes fitted with onboard shock cord deck rigging for more balance, especially during sudden movements in the water.

On top of the comfortable seats, this kayak also offers a depth of 20 inches in leg room. This comes in handy when you have been out on the water for long and your legs become sore and you can use some free stretching space. This is especially ideal for people who are 5’7’’ or taller.

The scrubber holes on this kayak help to drain out any water in the kayak. This Shrek-colored kayak is ideal even for paddling with kids thanks to its high level of stability. What’s more, the kayak is one of the cheapest in the market process at $598.

Old Town Twin Heron Kayak

At first glance, this canoe-looking tandem kayak will remind you of an American-Indian movie. The kayak is built to deliver amazing stability. This kayak comes in a length of 13ft and 6 inches and a depth of 22 inches for added comfort while paddling.

The Heron is loved for its ample space tht allows comfortable sitting when paddling. With the space it offers, you can comfortably fit a large Great Dane inside of the kayak. The Heron weighs around 62 pounds with a weight capacity of 500 pounds.

In terms of performance, the streamlined design of this kayak together with the glide track foot brace system allow easy maneuvers through rough waters. This tandem kayak is suitable for river sports and delivers excellent workout for the arms when paddling. When out fishing and want to relax your arms for a bit, you need not worry. This kayak comes with two fishing rod holders.

What to consider when choosing the best tandem kayak

Where it will be used

The water source you plan to paddle your tandem kayak is an important consideration to make when choosing the best tandem kayak for your needs. For river tours, you will require a stringer and much more durable tandem kayak because of the water current in rivers. Lakes are much calmers than rivers, but they are wider therefore requiring more effort to paddle. This is because of the absence of waves and zero push factor for kayaks.

If you plan to kayak in larger water bodies like the sea or ocean, you will required a balanced kayak that can be used in a river or late without comprising on the performance. Your kayak choice depends on the type of water body you plan to paddle on.

Paddle rests

If you ask anyone who has used a kayak before or someone who loves going fishing, one of the most important accessories on a tandem kayak is paddle rests. When you are out in the water, there is a high chance of losing a paddle to the wide waters if you do not have a reliable holder for them. Once it falls in the water, you either dive down and get it or forget about it all together.

Having a kayak with a paddle rest can save you from the unnecessary frequent replacement of paddles. A paddle rest ensures your paddles are safely on board whenever you need to rest your hands, layback and enjoy the view or enjoy fishing.

Storage capacity

When it comes to kayaking, it is important to ensure that the kayak you go for has enough space to keep all your accessories and luggage on board. Having a storage unit ensures some sensitive gadgets like your phone or camera does not get wet from the occasional tides and winds. This is especially important for times when riding strong currents without enough time to peddle and check on your equipment. If you do not have a kayak with adequate storage, you are likely to keep losing stuff whenever you are out paddling.

Ample storage also comes in handy when you need to carry food on-board for long tours. Good storage allows you to bring on an ice cooler for cold drinks and fresh caught fish.

Bottom line

This article gives you a comprehensive review of three of the best tandem kayak for family in the market. Whether you want to enjoy paddling through rough waters of fishing in the calm of the late, you can be sure that the best tandem kayak from this guide will meet your needs.


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