(Top 10) Best Longboards for Cruising in 2022
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(Top 10) Best Longboards for Cruising in 2022

Longboards have become synonymous with freedom. Traveling on your local roads when you own them is a better feeling, and longboard is the main culprit for such feelings.

This article looks at the best long tables to fly, giving you reviews about each board. Help you find the perfect sense of freedom with a long board of high quality.

best longboard for beginners

  1. Super cruiser

Quest Super Cruiser is a flexible longboard for all ages and skill levels. 44-inch plywood flooring is made from bamboo and hardwood, making it the perfect balance between flexible and hard, but also durable.

Because it is built with quality materials, this is a long board you can buy when you start and there are still many more years without having to worry about reduced quality.

The perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity.


Easy to ride for any skill level.

Made of quality and durable material.

The 44-inch deck of cards makes it easier to control and fits all shapes.

Three design options.

The nose and tail provide excellent grip.

Excellent rotation ability.

Great ending.

Camber Decent.

A little heavier than the other tables.

Can be a little difficult for beginners.

Regardless of your skill level, if you’re looking for a cruiser that will last a lifetime and will always do, Quest Super Cruiser is the one for you. It is good spending money and you will not regret choosing this top ranking.

  1. Longboard Pintail atom

Longboard pintail Atom is a top choice for beginners thanks to its classic shape, making it easy to ride with great grip.

The deck is 39 inches long, making it the best skateboard for beginners of the perfect size. It is stable enough to ride even on downhill trains and remains in control. This may not be suitable for experienced riders who prefer to go fast and turn sharply.

Atomic Pintail Longboard

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Easy to learn and ride makes it great for beginners.

The weathered floor is strong and lasting.

Soft wood material allows to create dents.

The tape clings very strongly, making it great to go in the rain.

Easy to carry with light.

Easy to control.

Potential for wheel bites if spinning is too tight.

User manual not easy.

Studying on the Atom longboard pintail will help you prepare for a long career. The easy ride, stable floor will help you learn fast and you will find that you can comfortably move across the board immediately.

  1. Complete table of SCSK8

Complete Longboard SCSK8 is a perfect comprehensive tool for those who want to start long surfing but are on a budget.


It was assembled and ready to ride. It must be said that trucks, bearings and wheels may need some adjustments to get the best performance. But those small adjustments are much more worthwhile to get a cheap billboard capable of making next to the double-priced tables.


SCSK8 Natural Drum & Stained Complete Longboard Assembly

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The deck is strong and durable.

Ready to go straight out of the box.

Do not wiggle speed and go smoothly.

Wood can be painted.

Handling rough terrain easily.

The tape is great.

Easy to master and ride.

The truck made a bit of noise.

The complete SCSK8 longboard is ideal for those who are working on a budget but still want a quality board. Because you can paint the wood of the deck, you can even add your own style and make the board unique.

  1. Santa Cruz Land shark

At only 27.7 inches long, Santa Cruz Land Shark is the longest game on this list.

Even if you are new to long skateboarding or even skateboarding, you are still more likely to hear about Santa Cruz, as they are one of the oldest board manufacturers that still operate until the day. now on. This longboard is a reminder of the 1980s styles.

With a kick for excellent tricks, the size of this board makes it ideal to rotate tight corners without any bite of the wheel, while still flying very smoothly.

Santa Cruz Land Shark Longboard

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Ready to go out of the box.

Table excellent, smooth and strong.

The deck is surprisingly strong.

Comes with a bottle opener under the deck, accompanied by fashionable Santa Cruz design.

Great balance for big plays.

Great kicktail and nose.

The wheels may be a little tight.

Land Shark is the best cruiser from a household name in the table. If you want to take the train, but engrave it easily, then Santa Cruz is the place for you.

  1. Punked-length planks

The Yocaher longboard pintail is on many lists like this, and there’s a good reason for it. The classic pintail board is easy to ride, making it suitable for beginners.

Trucks and bearings, while they will need final replacement, are of good quality to be ready off the board. It is also very affordable.

You can rotate freely, because the shape prevents the wheel from biting. However, adjustments should be made to improve table rotation performance.

Yocaher Punked Stint Pintail Longboard

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It has a smooth ride.

The floor is dyed well.

Good quality trucks and bearings.

Shock absorption is good.

The deck is solid and firm.

Good and popular choice for beginners.

Trucks and bearings will need replacement.

Adjustments are needed for a better transfer.

The rubber looks cheap.

Longboard Yocaher pintail is a great buy for anyone who wants to choose a new sport or hobby and enjoy a good summer. It does not require any skill level to jump onto one and you can enjoy the journey around your town easily.

  1. The 42-inch Volador free cruiser

We live in an era where environmental care is extremely important. You’ve been helped by flying everywhere instead of driving, but if you’re looking for more help, try the Volador 42-inch skateboard.

It was created using an eco-friendly epoxy to keep the laminate floor together. But this table is more than a cruiser. You can use it for free, downhill and walking. You will not feel the speed wobble when downhill with Volador.

The 42-inch Volador free cruiser

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High quality and very well done.

Plenty of standing space to control and monitor boards.

Good flex and shock absorption.

Long lasting and durable.

Ideal for heavier riders.

Environmental friendliness.

Perfect for walking and downhill too.

Perfect for walking and downhill too.

Good rotation ability.

Various color options with great graphics.

There is a lot of inclination from the deck.

Bearing can be of better quality.

If you’re looking for a longboard capable of doing more than just flying, enduring and delivering superior performance, then Volador is your choice. Money is good if you live on the top of the hill!

  1. The gold cruiser Pintail bamboo GoldCoast

The GoldCoast bamboo cruiser is a classic 44 inch pintail plank. Flexible table but certainly thanks to 5 layers of room. This board is great for cruising and straight line speeds, but it will be driven by smaller tables.

This is probably one of the most expensive longboards on the list. But with good reason. It provides expert workmanship that you can feel through your feet as your journey along the road feels immensely. Simple graphics make it easy for everyone to love. If you want a classic cruiser, this is the one for you.

Cruiser GoldCoast

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Easy to ride due to its stability.

Expert and exquisite workmanship.

Riding smoothly.

Great and solid design.

High quality truck and bearing.

Ideal for cruises and hills.


This longboard will let you feel like a boss as you walk along your local boulevard. Although it may be more expensive than the rest of this list, you won’t regret buying this long board if you have the money to spare.

  1. Fractal industry 9

Fractal industry 9 will surely catch your attention and anyone looking at the board for more than 2 seconds. But this longboard is just about good looks. It knows how to make it too.

Experienced riders will be happy to know that it is ready for immediate use and does not require any modification. It’s also a reward for newbies, as it doesn’t require you to know anything about setting up your own longboard.

Fractal skateboard area 9

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Shipped quickly.

Great graphics.

Easy to ride.

The deck of cards is flexible, durable and stable.

Trucks make carvings and bends.

The wheels run smoothly with excellent grip.

Its turning radius is invincible.

The bearings can do with an upgrade.

So if you are looking for a conversation starter, Fractal is great for that. But it is much more, giving you instant top performance.

Choose the best Longboard for cruises

With cruises, you don’t really need a specific deck of cards or any kind of specialized equipment to be able to do that. If you have a board with some wheels on, you will probably be happy to just walk on the street, no problem.

The only skill you really need to learn is pushing. For a beginner, strangely, this may be harder than it seems.

best skis

But let’s say you have a choice and you want to get the shape fit for the purpose (and you don’t want to be a goofy guy on two or four rollerblading wheels), a pintail is considered good. The most longboard beginner for flying.

What exactly is Pintail Longboard?

A penguin looks very much like a classic surfboard and even imitates a smooth surfing pattern when carved. It has a slender nose and tail to accommodate larger wheels, a wider middle well and sometimes a wheel or even a cut to prevent the wheel from biting into tighter revs.

Traditionally, pintails are mounted on the top to gain as much leverage on the truck as possible and come in two basic shapes, the camber pintail and the pintail with kicktail.

Cambered Pintail

best longboards for cruising A cambered deck is the best pintail longboard for cruises. It’s great for plains, no hills, no rough terrain, travels at an easy pace and basically just glides down the footpath or glides over an empty parking lot.


Pintail with Kicktail

A pin with kick is the best skateboard to fly around town. It has an important ingredient that camber pintail does not have – a kick. That’s pretty important if you want to climb on or off sidewalks and sidewalks while riding. No one, you were forced to stop and pick up your plank off the ground.

In addition to being a pain in your neck and disturbing your flow, it also looks quite unkind and daring of a new racer. Without judgment, it is only a fact.

A kick allows you to navigate the unforeseen obstacles of the street and can even make a tip or two. This is a great board to commute if your heart is placed on a pintail shape.

What are the good Pintail Longboards for?

Cruises and carvings are two pretty good things Pintails. Whether you can join foot traffic, commute to school or work or simply on your way to the store, the pintail is the best skateboard shape to fly – just behind a drop through the deck.

Is Drop Drop Longboards good for travel?

When looking for the best skateboard to fly, dropping through the floors seems to pop up pretty much. The reason for this is because they are much easier to push.


When the trucks fall over the surface of the deck, the deck will automatically descend to the ground. This means that the distance your feet have to travel from the top of the deck to the road surface is reduced, allowing you to maintain balance more easily when you change weight, as well as reduce fatigue when pushing.


A pintail-mounted can be more agile and can flip a coin, but a flexible drop across the deck is the best skateboard for long-distance journey without a doubt. It allows you to go further and longer and be honest, who doesn’t want that ?!

A good Longboard for travel

Of course, there is a third option. A symmetrical, flexible top deck also works well as a cruise / travel vessel. This type of setup has trucks and wheels located right on top of the board to increase pump stability. Only downside is of course, no stone.


What is the proper size?

Donith was fooled into thinking that everything labeled as an Islamic cruiser was fit to fly. A small plastic plank might be suitable for cruising at lower speeds, but don don allow creativity when carving or pumping like an actual cruiser.


If you are looking for beautiful engraving, a short plank is what you need. For example, Santa Cruz Land Shark is ideal for creative carvings and can still be stored nicely.


However, the recommended size for an adult who wants a smooth journey while making smooth tracks around corners, 40 inches or more is what is recommended.


From 39 to 44 inches is the ideal size for beginners and smaller for children. That means to say that an adult or a child may have a smaller or larger board, but it is important to know that longer and shorter behave differently under jacked people. different ruler.


End of everything

Besides the shape and size, there are many other factors to consider when considering buying a top long board. Things like wheels, bearings, trucks and flex are all working. But those are the aspects for a later article. All you really need to know about those things, if they’re not good to start with, they won’t get any better with age.


best longboards for cruising which It is an important thing to remember when buying a complete long board. Sow anyone see results. While there may be some great value for the surrounding money tables, most of the times if you buy a long cheap table, it won’t be as good as a more expensive one. This is because high quality products do not appear easily. So if you want a long board to be the best and it will last for a long time, you need to invest.

Now that you know all the basics, you know which skateboards are best to fly in 2022, it’s your turn to get out of there and start enjoying your freedom. Have fun!