How to Know That Your Partner Is Psychological Vampire

Have you noticed excessive irritability? Energy resources are getting smaller every day, and sudden mood swings occur with alarming frequency? And all this without apparent stress and shock? Take a closer look at your social circle. Perhaps there is a psychological vampire next to you. Visually, they are no different from an ordinary person, but communication with them overloads the psyche.

Such people are always in a bad mood. They are unhappy with everything, and it is challenging to maintain a positive attitude around them even if they are pretty single Ukrainian women. But there is no point in taking offense at them. After all, the fault is the lack of love in their life. Complaints and discontent are their constant companions, and they do not know how to interact with the world, usually.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the following aspects:

  • You do things that you don’t want to do. At the same time, you feel an encroachment on your will, principles, desires, and personal space.
  • After contact with such a person, you can experience a mental breakdown. Anger and irritation prevail for no apparent reason. All this spills out on Ukrainian girls dating and your relationships with friends.
  • Opposite feelings replace the former optimism. You feel restraint, discontent, and lack of trust.
  • Energy is not enough, even for the usual things. Apathy becomes a life partner, and only a complete cessation of communication by a malicious person can save you from prolonged depression.

It is the psychological vampire that makes you feel all these symptoms. But if you stay away from such a person, these signs go away. It becomes easy. What if a person constantly morally rapes you? Let’s look at some simple but very effective ways to protect yourself from this. Methods of protection from external negative influences:

  • Refuse donation. Why were you chosen as a target? Everything is straightforward. You do precisely those things that are necessary for the psychological vampire. You respond to provocations, try to reeducate them, and teach good things. But they don’t need it. Therefore, live for yourself and do not take unnecessary responsibility on your shoulders.
  • Stand up for your principles. Don’t be afraid to reject a person. You can explain your decision, but never try to make excuses. Nobody has the right to teach you how to live. 
  • Don’t gossip. It is gossip that is the most effective bait that the psychological vampire is preparing for you. Don’t react to this ruse. Any rumors can be dangerous for their one-sidedness and benefit for the narrator. Think about it. And quietly step aside.
  • Think constructively. At the slightest negative in your direction, try changing the subject. Talk about things that might interest each of you: no whining and verbal rubbish. You don’t need this. With a familiar person, you can discuss issues that can please them and charge them with vital energy.


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