Finding the Best Camarillo Pool Remodeling Service

For numerous pool owners, the renovation of their pools is just as crucial as regular maintenance. Revamping your pool not only rejuvenates its appearance but also allows you to tackle necessary repairs and rejuvenate its structural soundness. Hence, it becomes vital to select the appropriate pool experts for your Camarillo pool renovation. In a field brimming with companies claiming to be the best, it raises the question of how to accurately identify the right pool experts. This article will delve into key indicators to be aware of in your search for a pool contractor. Let’s get started.

  1. Find a licensed pool company.

Before you even try to look at a pool company’s portfolio, it’s important that you look at their licensure and accreditations. It’s important for a pool contractor to be licensed because it allows them to operate as a business and certifies them as professionals. In the state of California, any swimming pool undertaking that will cost $500.00 or more must be performed and supervised by a pool contractor that holds a valid and a current license. The C-53 – Swimming Pool Contractor License is a permit and a license that allows trained and skilled professionals to conduct operations such as the construction and repair of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. They are also authorized by the state of California to install and repair swimming pool equipment and fixtures including electrical, gas, and solar-powered pool heaters as well as single-speed and variable-speed swimming pool pumps.

Not only does a license give a pool contractor to operate and perform swimming pool-related services, but it also ensures that they are skilled and would know exactly what to do to ensure professional quality pool services – pool remodeling included. The C-53 – Swimming Pool Contractor License requires a pool professional to understand the basics of pool planning and estimation, swimming pool and spa shell construction, swimming pool and spa systems installation, swimming pool and spa interior finishing, and swimming pool and spa safety. And let’s remember swimming pool and spa repair, renovation, removal and maintenance. All these skills and competencies are required when remodeling a swimming pool.

Check the pool contractor’s license and check if it’s current and if it’s valid. Don’t be concerned; pool professionals will be more than happy to give this information to you so you can bet you won’t have a hard time looking for this information.

  1. Find an experienced pool contractor.

The C-53 – Swimming Pool Contractor License requires a pool professional to have at least 4 years of performing and supervising jobs and projects that involve swimming pool construction, repair, and renovation. While 4 years is a good amount of time to gain knowledge through practical experience, nothing will replace decades of experience and the insurmountable know-how you acquire working on various swimming pools. That’s why it’s important to find an experienced pool contractor when you’re planning for a Camarillo pool remodeling.

Furthermore, experience is an indication of how well a pool company does business. The better they are at dealing with their customers, the better their chances of having returning clients. What this simply means is that if you’re good at what you do, there’s no reason for you to go out of business and leave the industry. On that note, an experienced pool contractor will have both the skills to carry out the tasks they were commissioned to do and will have the heart to treat their customers kindly with each interaction. In fact, many successful pool contractors get their customers through referral as the positive impact they leave through every finished contract makes their customers loyal brand ambassadors. They become advocates, telling friends and families about their positive experience with their pool guy showing that in this business experience matters.

  1. Check for customer feedback.

As we’ve briefly covered above, customer referral is the best form of marketing. Nevertheless, the feedback the same customers leave on your pool contractor’s websites and other online platforms will have the same effect. Think about how you shop online, you’re more likely to buy a product that has positive reviews over a product that has negative ones and even those that do not have any reviews yet. We’re hard wired to follow the crowd, that’s why we tend to lean over products that have positive reviews whether they’re actual or virtual. Just ask yourself, how often have you left reviews for a product or a service you’ve paid for? It takes compelling service for a paying customer to leave a positive review and likewise unreasonable service for a paying customer to leave a negative review.

That said, always make sure to check customer feedback to get a feel of how they do business and they interact with their customers. It’s a good indication of what you’re to expect when dealing with a pool contractor.

  1. Check the company portfolio.

Should you find a pool company that’s licensed, loved by their customers, and with more than enough experience to boot, the next thing to do is to check the company portfolio. Here, you’ll find pictures with short descriptions of their finished projects, and who knows, you might find that the way they remodel pools might be to your liking. It’s a good way to gauge how well the company does when it comes to the design and aesthetic aspects of pool remodeling. You’ll also get a glimpse of the materials they use when remodeling pools and the methods they use during these undertakings. Does this pool contractor manually chip out the pool interior or do they use pneumatic equipment to peel or strip the old interior? Does the company apply the new finish by hand or do they use mechanical tools to help them apply the mixture on the walls and on the floor of your pool? You’ll have a better idea of how they conduct these projects which means you can make better and informed decisions when choosing a pool contractor.

These are just one of the most common things to consider when looking for a contractor for your Camarillo pool remodeling. For professional quality swimming pool remodeling, contact us at Stanton Pools.

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