The Best Gas Grills Under $500 Reviews in 2024
best gas grills under $500

Selecting the top gas grills for less than $500 doesn’t have to be a complex process. There are numerous options available. By dedicating a bit of your time to review our detailed product descriptions, pros, cons, and buyer’s guide, acquiring the perfect gas grill for your needs can be straightforward. We aim to assist you in this process with ease.

After looking beneath $500 at our evaluations about petrol grills and you’ll receive yourself a better opinion which you have to pick.  

All these are the best favorite grills that gotten for $500 or less. We look beneath the hood and grills, then gone and kicked off wheels to learn the method by which they piled around. Here’s our checklist. 


Char-Broil Classic 405      

The first version is among the best-rated gas grill under $500 is Char-Broil Classic 405. When it comes to features, its main cooking space is approximately 405 square inches. Therefore, you could handle your favorite grilling very quickly. On top of it, this grill comes with a 190 square inch warming rack and the durable cooking surface. As for burner, this grill supports four burners, which manufactured from high stainless steel. Moreover, the four burners provide you with a 32,000 BTU heat capacity. Also, this gas grill owns tables that measure 12 x 13 inches for keeping in-store and taking up more space. 

A piezo ignition system integrated into the grill will make it light up very quickly before you prepare for your cuisine. Last but not least, this version has two large wheels for smooth and convenient movability.  


This version has an extended warranty.

The burners are made from high-class steel.

The large wheels will make you convenient for movability.

It supports with perfect large cooking space.


You find it difficult to assemble for the first time.

The sides of the table are maybe not easy for folding.  

Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill

This version owns five burners, which produce 10,000 BTU as well. On the other hand, the Megamaster 5-Burner Gas Grill will make you seem unbelievable because its remarkable heat retention can support for heat distribution. Besides, this grill owns 13.5-inch wide side shelves, which offer ample room to assist users during the cooking meal. As for the inbuilt thermometer, it is a great thing that represents accurate temperature and finishes your meals very well. On the top of the central cooking zone, there is also a 182 square inch porcelain-coated warming rack, which keeps your meal warm. Finally, we highly recommend that it is a perfect gas grill that you need to grab as soon as possible in the future. 


It is affordable to buy.

It owns five burners with leading quality steel.

There is an electric pulse ignition integrated into this grill.

Wide sides shelves help you keep in store easily.


Some complained about the assembly manual instructions, which not enclosed. 

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

This model is considered as the most innovative one among the best gas grills under $500. The Propane Grill possesses a cooking space of 285 square inches, which helps you do a lot of dishes in the cooking area. When it comes to the top grates, they are mainly made from cast iron, and porcelain-enameled, which makes them swappable as well. As for the temperature, this grill assists three independent and adjustable burners so that users could take the most advantages by preparing for three various dishes with different temperatures. 

Besides, this grill supports electric ignition for quick lighting. Another feature of this model that will make you surprise is hygiene. In other words, you can use a removable grease tray for easy cleaning. Apart from it, this version has some wheels for boosting up movability as well. 


This grill supports with removable grease tray, which assists you in hygiene.

It owns three various burners and an in-built thermometer as well.

It has side tables for abundant storage.

You can control and move it quickly.


The wheels are not made from high quality.

The grease tray can be challenging to use.     

Fuego Element F21C Carbon Steel Gas Grill

The next version that we would like to introduce to you is Fuego Element F21C. The model owns a fabulous structure. 

When it comes to appearance, this grill is very compatible and take up more space inside. As for small footprint, it has a huge cooking surface area with a porcelain-enamelled cooking grate. Besides, this grill can control high temperatures in a short period.   

On top of it, this model owns state of the art two circular burners and a semi-spherical cover, which allows users to flow evenly inside the grill. This is a lightweight product for everybody to carry along when travelling outside.

Last but not least, we highly suggest that this grill will play a critical role in your lives, especially on barbecue parties at weekends. 


This version owns a unique and magnificent design

This model can account for more spaces, compared to other same grills.

It is very convenient for assembling.  


It does not enclose with a cover

The lid handle becomes hot during your cooking process.  

Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill NG Outdoor, Black

This version owns the system which is seen as the high-class throughout the cuisine world. When it comes to the system, this product is in existence for more than 30 years on the market. As for the material and component, they are created from high-quality material and provide trustworthy for users. Besides, the product is made from 10 feet hose. 

The entire system is assisted for improving infinity ignition, burners, and porcelain-enamelled flavoured bars. The unique thing is that this grill owns three burners that take up a space of 529 square inches. 


This version has advanced infinity ignition.

Weber is renowned on the market for many years.

It can support with more than 529 square inches, thanks to three burners.


It can be challenging to assemble.   

Weber Q-1200 LP Gas Grill 

This is a tabletop propane gas grill is the top choice for less than $500 that happens fully assembled outside of this box; therefore that you don’t need to do such a thing except for a start out grilling. It has obtained a stainless steel burner that delivers 8500 BTU into your 189 square inch grill, which may take as many as eight hamburgers. The fluid best propane grills under $500 stoves that are disposable 14 are used by it, or you’ll be able to secure an adapter to hook it around and including a full-size propane tank.

Usually, the single we looked in is green. However, it’s black, also available in fuchsia blue, crimson, purple, red, and titanium. They have coloring for everybody. The folding side shelves are almost always black.

You have stood on it or can use it on the desk. Wait 5-10 minutes for it to heat upward and away you go. It becomes around 500 levels in almost no moment. The burner controller enables you to adjust the heat up or down. There is a good deal of space for it to resolve a whole meal for two people together with veggies and meat.

You can cook if you push things a little nearer with them. And the porcelain-enameled grill is simple and not to wash.


Easy cleanup

This cheap grill owns the push-button ignition.

There are a wide range of colors.

It is lightweight.


Side shelves are black only.

Some complained about the assembly.

Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

Fourteen kilos heavier than it is minimal sibling, this grill has nearly a third longer grilling room in 280 square inches. The single stainless steel burner produces 12,000 BTU, with a push-button starter and flame controller that is adjustable for great grilling every single time.

The side shelves of Weber grills are both black, and also the grill itself is available in grey. It takes a few waitings whenever you get it way too. The meeting is straight-forward, but it truly is perhaps not plugged play as the other one.

On the other hand, you should use the additional magnitude of the grill. Throw to veggies and the meat and relax till they cook. There exists a grease catcher underneath, which means there isn’t to be concerned.

Tidy up is easy as well. Even the porcelain-enameled grill will not rust whenever you have done. Therefore you can set it in the dishwasher.


The portable gas grill sized 280 Square inch.

Easy Cleanup

Adjustable burner controls


This version is a bit heavy

There is only one color.

Char-Broil Performance 300 two-burner

This 2-burner gas grill with 24,000 BTU cabinet grill out of charbroiling has 300 square inches of cooking space on the home grill plus some other 100 sq inches in a swing off the grill when you open the stainless lid. Equally, grills have been throw iron coated with porcelain for straight-forward cleanup.

The two negative tables have more joined area than the grill, so you’ve got tons of homework area, and storage underneath for all your gear. It has got four casters on it for relocating it close. Besides, it has two of these locks that keep it in place. The assembly is not easy for newbies. Everything fits along the way, which shows some proper quality management.

You get just one snap each time you push the button. It makes use of AAA batteries, and also you discover these little devices gun snaps whether you are holding it down, as it arouses. Only hold it down until the petrol lamps. That is pretty neat. Just make sure you’ve got fresh batteries.

Its dimension can make this outside grill, and that means you’ll need to spend little funds to acquire pay for this. In our opinion, here could be the ideal barbecue grill underneath $500.


It produced 24000 BTU.

This product owns double burners.

Piezo one-push ignition

Easy assembly and has one push ignition


It has no cover, compared to the best grills under $500.  

You find it challenging to assemble.  

Char-Griller E3001

This 3-burner gas grill sets outside 40,800 BTU. It has 438 sq inches of grilling area. There are yet another 192 inches in the top swing off the rack to get a total of 630 square inches of cooking location.

Don’t forget the side burner. It sets out 12,000 BTU, however, in the price of losing half of your homework area once you’re deploying it. We might like to possess one without forfeiting a whole plate to receive it, although A negative burner is very pretty nice.

You will find several busters of the best natural gas grills in the assembly, but when you get past that, you’ve got a superb 3-burner grill with flame controllers for every single fire pit. The security plates over the flames aren’t sloped. Rather than sliding away, and causing that may burn up the 20, foodstuff particles and drippings and they adhere together. You’ll have to clean those plates.

There’s no tool storage below the grill, which is sad. We enjoy keeping everything jointly. One other difficulty we had was that the two smokestacks in addition to the cover that matches are by the producer. Aftermarket covers are usually more economical, but that is not feasible for this grill. Last but not least, this is a fantastic fuel grill for sale in virtually any color you want. 


Easy to assemble, compared to the best bbq grills under $500.  

This model has three burners.

Piezo one-push ignition.

Upper rack for extra space.


Side shelves do not fold down.

It has no cover. 

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D

This grill heats and puts 36,000 BTU outside. You have 390 inches on the most crucial grill and another 117 square inches over the top stand. The fold-down aspect closets possess towel racks together with a great deal of prep space and application hooks.

The stainless steel lid is walled to maintain warmth. Besides, it keeps you in burning your hand. It’s got porcelain enameled cast iron grates and an ordinary one ignition for effortless cleansing and later, for searing foodstuff items. 

You’re going to require a screwdriver when you get it done. Be careful due to the fact they aren’t always clear to see the directions carefully. It feels flimsy and shaky upon getting it together.

It heats up fast, reaching 650 degrees in around 15minutes, and it is beautiful. However, one gripe we have about this grill is that the warmth distribution is uneven. The trunk of the grill becomes warmer compared to the front. Bear this in mind when you’re using it.

The vital criticism we’ve got is the way fast the grease pan and heat shield out. Rust stains started showing up inside a few months. It will not happen that quickly, compared to other amazon gas grills.


Convenient to assemble.

It has a large cooking area.

Easy for folding down shelves.


Heat is even

Cart is shaky


There certainly are a couple of essential items. Just before we get to the best gas grills under $500, however. The two biggies are all storage and also how many you’re searching for.


It might be monotonous, but are you going whenever you’re not using this to keep your grill? You are going to have to maintain it, and grills take more space compared to more prominent kinds.

A gas grill that has a beast can be tricky to maneuver. Maybe there’s no room for the garage or shed. If that is the circumstance, you’ll need to find yourself a cover for this. Creatures, squirrels, stray cats, cats birds, and cold temperatures weather could be tough on handles, much yarn types. Every 2-3 years, you will likely have to find yourself a fresh small gas grill one.

Consider how much storage space you’ve got. Find out a tape measure and measure it to be certain. And why at which is the storage? The loft? The basement? Out on your balcony? Think about where you’re going to store it just before you purchase it, and you’re going to save yourself a good deal of headaches in the future.  

How many grills should you need to own? 

It’s a truth of character to get, the longer bbq grill you’ll use. Are you going to be grilling out for your mom and daddy, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, children and grandkids, or just you and your spouse? Are you currently grilling for your neighborhood or merely two or three buddies? You can squeeze an extra hamburger or canine on the grill that is small after in a little while whenever someone pops up. However, in case it is going to become an ongoing entity, larger is better.

Fuel grills that are Cheaper tend to utilize modest cylinders of gas. They can run out pretty quickly, but a tank may continue to keep a burner grill proceeding for hours and hours. Come up with a practical range for burgers you’ll need to mend, and that will let you know what dimension grill you demand. That will be the gas grill below $500.

What do you want from grills?

As essential as the first two items of gas and charcoal grill, it is what you are going to be more cooking. Barbecuing is different than grilling hot dogs and burgers. For starters, you are in desire of a lot of additional prep space for barbecue. You want to place the sauce. You desire a roster of paper towels to catch. Barbecuing can be just a messy company and also you also require room to distribute.

Are you grilling corn? An extra top rack arrives in handy. Also, it retains the veggies farther away from some other flareups that are feasible.


After reading the best gas grills under $500 over and weighing the pros and cons, we feel the Weber Q-1200 LP is the top pick. It truly is small but potent with enough room. You can use it to the table or find yourself a cart, so it performs just one, for houses or apartments as thoroughly as we’ll be honest we enjoy.

However, if you should be looking for affordable, we can suggest the charbroil overall performance simply.You can read more about weber spirit vs genesis     

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