All You Need To Know About Teacup Puppies
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Teacup puppies are better known as celebrity puppies. You can’t simply keep yourself from going awestruck when you have them around. Also known as micro dogs, these pups have become increasingly popular and their demand has shown a huge rise. Internet is full of adorable and heart-melting videos of these puppies everywhere and there’s no denying to the fact that everyone wants one, seconds after laying their eyes on them.

These doggies are a symbol of love and affection. Many people keep puppies to get rid of anxiety and stress. After all, what is better than waking up to a little creature that has its eyes all set upon you to welcome you. Puppies help you with getting a better lifestyle. People are fond of going on morning walks with their puppies, which keeps them fit and healthy. People with dogs are less likely to fall sick as dogs bring happiness to their lives. Dogs are also your loyal companions, they keep away any potential threats coming your way and warn you beforehand. If you are looking for any teacup puppies online, Foufou puppies ave the most adorable ones, awaiting to be a part of your family.

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When a dog is considered “Teacup Size”?

Before we make our way into any more details about the teacup puppies, let’s have a look at their size. It is essential to understand the characteristics that actually define a “teacup” dog. Generally, a dog is called a teacup puppy if it weighs not more than five pounds and measures fewer than eighteen inches when grown to its fullest.

How are teacup dogs bred?

Although it’s not clearly known which breeding techniques are exactly used by the breeders to produce such tiny dogs, many controversies have been running on the internet about unethical breeding techniques carried by many breeders. These techniques can be detrimental to the health and happiness of the dogs and their life is put at stake for a few thousand dollars. It is very important to do full research on the company that is providing you the dog if you are buying online. Make sure that you find an ethical and reputed breeder around you. You don’t want to add an unhealthy pet to your family to face further consequences, so make sure you have your eyes on the right breeder.

Common health issues

  • Various dog breeds experience different health issues. Common health issue concerns among the teacups are:
  • An extreme drop in blood sugar level which could result in shivering and weakness
  • These dogs have a very fast metabolism rate and demand frequent feedings. If not fed properly and frequently, this could result in very unhealthy weight.
  • Their bones are very small and fragile. If not taken care of, they can get multiple fractures and get their bones broken quite often.

It is important to take note that not all teacup puppies will experience the same health issues. It is possible to have a healthy and happy teacup puppy around you if you take good care of them.