Trump Fears What Would Happen Next After His Presidency is Over

After losing to China in the global trade war, Trump is now succumbed to life after defeat. With daily deaths of 3500 Americans per day from the Coronavirus. There is no solution in sight for the US Economy sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

With Biden winning the American election and defeating President Donald Trump in a landslide victory. One must ask what would life be like for him next? Maybe a new book? A new reality TV show? During the four years of his presidency, time again and again folks are seeing that most American people are stupid and would definitely believe anything they see on Facebook or Social Media. Which of course has resulted in numerous countries taking full advantage of this weakness and capitalizing on Facebook algorithm flaws and influencing the Alt Right versus Alt Left narratives. Take example of Russia, what a perfect storm for them to just have the Americans fight amongst each other. And taking the spotlight off from them, so far that plan is working with Americans believing in UFOs all the way to Government conspiracies of a rigged election.

If it were not for the Coronavirus, the U.S. Economy would be strong, and Trump would have probably won the re-election. But he made a vital mistake, he started a trade war with China.  A war that he could not win, and that has costed him dearly. Just like a complicated chess game, he was eventually check mated by China. Maybe he could have done better? And focus more on Foreign Policies? and improving foreign relationships with China and other European nations and instead of pushing for an American First narrative that brought the entire country back to the dark ages.

There is a common saying in the business world, never bite the hand that feeds you. Starting a trade war with China was a vital mistake for the Trump Presidency. With millions of Americans starving on the streets today, lining up by the miles and hours at their local food bank. And millions more unemployed seeking work. Trump has definitely brought the entire American economy down to its knees and dragged the country back to the 2009 Financial Crisis.

Currently the United States economic system is heavily dependent on China, with this in mind. Foreign leaders have noted how the U.S. Economy failed so miserably after the trade war was initiated. A good evidence to support this theory is looking at all the Mid-American Farmers switching sides in support of the Joe Biden in the greater lakes area. All the way to the Maine Lobsters Fisherman’s all condemning the US President Donald Trump for mishandling the China trade agreements. As folks can see clearly, all the states including Georgia has switched party lines and became Democrats.

In conclusion, instead of fixing the US Economy and focusing on what is more important for the United States. President Trump once again is more focus on his own personal gains and challenging the election outcome. Maybe it is his own advisors who are milking him? Latest news from CNN states that Rudy Giuliani is getting paid $20,000 per day from Donald Trump. With that type of money coming in, it’s hard to tell the emperor he has no clothes on. What are your thoughts on this? If you enjoyed seeing this type of news commentary please share this with your friends on Facebook, and leave a comment below.

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