How to Spice Up Your Sex Life With a Partner

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Partner

The relationship between two people in love with each other is always a complicated synergy of souls and bodies. Sometimes, it may lose its drive and seem that the relationship is over. That’s the exact time to add some spices.

No, that phrase does not mean you should take pepper and apply it to your partner. Well, it will add some drive, but this is the situation when you risk losing a relationship. Of course, there always are sex gamesto let you spend your leisure with pleasure while you’re single. Nevertheless, it is almost always a better choice to spice up your sex life and relationship with the partner you know and love than to look for someone new.

Spicy Recipes to Bring Back that Desire

As you understood already, we mean spicing up sexual life figuratively. Sooner or later, every couple’s relationship gets calmer. You know each other. You live together for quite a plenty of time, so your sex becomes usual. It stops bringing the doses of emotions and feelings it used to give when your love story was only beginning. It is the stage when women simulate orgasms more and more frequently, and men start being suspicious about that the same way customers are suspicious about writing services when they pay for essay or any other online stores selling various goodies.

Here are 7 time-tested ways to add some spice to your sexual life. Try them all, or pick those suiting you the most. Anyway, the point is to boost your current relationship. Respiting it is easier than you might think.

Spend Leisure Time Together

That’s a widespread situation: two partners come home after a tough office day. They’re hungry, tired, and nervous. They want to rest.

A man usually thinks something like: “Okay, I’ll come home, eat, and then play some video games. I need to relax”.

At the same time, in a woman’s head: “I’d like to go to the cinema. But my husband is only interested in his PC again”.

To avoid that, think out the ways to spend your free evening time on weekdays together. Try finding leisure satisfying you both: don’t go anywhere, but watch an excellent romantic movie together. That is only one of many ways to rest… and tune you both upon the required wave after.

Romanticism is Always Great  

Romantic things are rare to prevent building a relationship. A boyfriend or a husband might try to bring a flower or a small present to his sweetheart in a unique way. The best gift is a spontaneous one. And yes, rightly chosen gifts can turn on both men and women, no matter what they say about that.

Spontaneity is Another Key

Sex is not only about a late night in your home bedroom. A bed is where the most comfort and relaxation is possible for both partners. Still, to spice up a relationship and add an emotional, impressive background, a couple should break the commonly accepted rules sometimes.

Help your partner wash their back when they are taking a shower. A small car “breakage” outside the city may be a great background for cool sex. And that big and solid office table can be comfortable enough to do some pleasant things, don’t you think?

Porn Might Suit

Sometimes, it may turn out that your partner is not a huge fan of porn. Still, that’s not too difficult to overcome the block. The other partner may watch their sweetheart’s favorite detective, thriller, or melodrama together. The next time, it is their time to choose the movie. Here is the opportunity.

No, it’s not required to choose an explicit porn movie and make your partner watch it with you. Some erotic thriller with a bunch of well-directed sexual scenes is exactly what you might need to turn on your BF or GF.

Additionally, some porn is nice to get relaxed and more open to each other. Sharing a hidden sexual desire with a partner is always cool, though not all people are sure their partners would understand them. Try watching an excellent erotic movie, and then say what exactly you would like to do in bed. Most probably, your partner’s reaction will wonder you pleasantly.

Sex Toys: Universal Spices

There is nothing to say except that sex toys are extremely popular. Still, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, partners are frequently afraid of sharing their wishes. And yes, that frequently turns out the way that a girl keeps her silence about a dream to try out a vibrator in a bedroom together with her loved one.

However, most probably, your partner won’t mind buying some sex toys. By the way, to add maximum spice to your games, consider getting a remote-controlled vibrator. And then use it in a crowded cafe after the pandemic is over.

Remember About Sex

Should we discuss that? Actually, every couple staying together for some time is bound to face some sexual troubles sooner or later. It seems that they tried everything. Their sex becomes dull. Moreover, it is quite frequent for partners to avoid loving each other physically on purpose.

Here is the point: sex can be great if both partners are curious and attentive enough about each other. Spicing up your sex is only possible if you don’t forget about it. If you want your partner, then enjoy them. Get pleasure, bring pleasure, and be happy together.

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