Positive Effects of Playing Different Types of Online Games

We’ve always been told that playing certain board games is good for our brains. Activities such as chess, marble solitaire, and draughts provides us with mental stimulation that is good for our cognition and alertness. Some researchers have discovered that playing some games and puzzles can even prevent or delay the onset of dementia and similar medical problems.

On the other hand, we’ve always been told that playing online is not good for us. This pastime can reduce our real social interactions, make us inactive and consequently cause problems like obesity. This is still true if we play online games too much, but playing online responsibly can actually be good for us.

We’ve taken a look at some online titles and their positive effects.

The Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games

Most casino offerings revolve around percentages, odds and numbers. Except for slot machines, nearly every casino proposition can be played with some type of strategy or the need to do quick mental maths – none more so than the classic online Roulette game. Not only are these titles fun to play when played responsibly, but they can help us keep our brains sharp. Just like how strategy board games are good for our cognition, so are many casino titles.

Wii Games for Improved Motor Skills

When we think of online and video games, we often think of young adults sat around a TV barely moving or blinking. Thanks to developments in modern technology, this is not true. Many titles made on the Wii console are very active and ask players to jump, bop, catch, throw and much more. These can be good for the whole family. It gets younger children developing motor skills, keeps everyone active and even helps older people move around just the right amount.

Mobile Games Can Help Us Lose Weight

We know what you are thinking – how? Well, you might recall a recent craze in people searching for Pokémon with their smartphone. Pokémon Go was a massive success (even though it started as just a joke!) and it got all of us roaming around outside walking. This title made us more active and got us outside, which may have improved mental health too. Expect more developers to explore the possibilities of augmented reality in the future.

Sports Video Games Benefit Amateurs and Pros

Sports video titles are some of the quickest on the entertainment market. Whether you play FIFA, Madden NFL or some other sports game, these can all improve our hand-eye coordination. There have even been suggestions from some researchers that playing relevant sports video games can improve how we play these sports in real life. The BBC even reported numerous times when professional athletes have used video games to help get to know the rest of their team or their opponents. But that’s not all; some coaches are even using gaming products to help improve their tactics for upcoming matches.

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