How to play poker online on Linux using the Windows Poker Client

Have you ever considered playing poker on a Linux machine? This is very easy, just install the appropriate packages such as poker and silly poker from your Linux distribution store. However, if you want to play poker online for real money, this may not be as easy as you might think.

There are many MS Windows poker clients on the internet, but the problem is that none of them are native poker clients for the Linux operating system. Some of them only need to have the Java plugin installed in the browser, but there are many online poker clients that need to be installed on your Linux machine before you can play. In this article, you will learn how to play online poker on Linux using the situs judi online.

To play online poker on Linux using the Windows Poker Client, you need to install the wine application. Wine is a software program that allows you to easily play poker online by running and installing a Windows-based poker client on your Linux machine.

Here’s what you need to do to test this method:

  • Install the wine application
  • Use wine to install a Windows-based poker online client
  • Run a Windows-based poker online client using wine

How to install Wine on a Linux computer?

  • If you are using Linux running on debian package management (DEB) such as Debian or Ubuntu, you need to install wine using the apt-get command.

# Apt-get install wine

Note: apt-get requires root privileges!

  • If you are using RedHat for redhat package management (RPM) followed by Fedora or CentOS, you will need to use the yum install command to install wine.

–yum install wine

Note: yum requires root privileges!

How to install a Windows-based online client on Linux?

After installing and running the wine application, you need to download and install a Windows-based poker poker client like Poker Stars using wine.

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