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Twitter es un problema para la AP

The other thing the Associated Press needs to think about is that if a 140-character post or two by one of your reporters on Twitter is a threat to your news service, then you have a problem that can’t be fixed by simply enforcing your social-media policies more stringently. This argument feels very similar to the debates that newspapers used to have when they first put up websites — about whether to post breaking news to their site, or “save” it for the paper. This was fundamentally a lose-lose situation, as most newspapers discovered, since saving it often involved others breaking the news first on their websites.

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Las redes sociales informaron de la detención de los periodistas de la AP. El tren está al revés.

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Comunista arrepentio said:

Imaginense ustedes que le pasaria a periodistas cubanos que se atrevan a hacer eso mismo sin antes haber pasado por el filtro censurador? Pasarian a engrosar la moderna fila de desempleados amoladores de cuchillos o tamaleros.
noviembre 21, 2011

Qvanim said:

Conflict of interest...........
noviembre 19, 2011

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