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Guantánamo’s Children: The Wikileaked Testimonies

A couple of months ago, the transparency organization Wikileaks began to release Detainee Assessment Briefs and other classified documents for all 779 Guantánamo prisoners.

As a consequence of these wikileaked releases, military documents now in the public domain acknowledge that fifteen children were imprisoned, at some time or another, at Guantánamo.

This would be three more than the twelve the State Department acknowledged to the public after the earlier report on the subject put out by the Guantánamo Testimonials Project, and seven more than the eight the State Department reported to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

In other words, wikileaked documents indicate that the number of children that have been imprisoned at Guantanamo is one-and-a-quarter times what the State Department has admitted to the public and almost twice as many as it reported to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

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Qvanim said:

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Dick eater!!, what does it say?

Traduccion: Come p.inga!!!!, Que dice ahí?
junio 11, 2011

luis said:

Este tema de nninos presos es muy normal en la Yuma,ahora hay uno de 12 abriles que lo estan condenando a cadena perpetua,hay otros esperando en el pabellon de la muerte por delitos que cometieron siendo menores,han ejecutado menores
junio 10, 2011

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